Solus leaflet distribution

Solus Leaflet Distribution undoubtedly gives the best marketing results and best return on investment (ROI) because in this way, a flyer distributed to the most likely to reach potential customers and its marketing purposes to be fulfilled.

Each flyer you will receive individual, not other advertising material, newspapers or free samples. In this way it more likely to be noticed, read and saved. It is particularly suitable for bulky and large shipments such as catalogs and brochures.

This is the fastest and most flexible way of conquering the market that allows even the choice of a specific date or day of week for delivery of advertisements. All our customers who have used this type of delivery are satisfied with the ROI.

Many large companies in addition to other regularly used this form of advertising. The reasons for this are numerous. Flyers contain all essential information about your company, the products / services you offer, are present in consumer homes longer than any other advertising, can be stored for a long time and later when there is a need for your services used, and jefriniji than other forms of advertising.

Leaflet (flyer) can be considered good if there is a 1:500 ratio with regard to the collected addresses for more information and the sale of 1:1000, (a purchase of 1000 flyers is a good relationship, which means that per 100 000 leaflets 100 individual products sold. Of course, price also has to justify the cost of such a form of marketing.

Even if you get 50 sales of 100,000 leaflets, it would be a good relationship for some products, such as for example technical items that will cost hundreds of euros. In However, when the ratio of sales to determine the ratio of the number of divided leaflets - then you are in a good situation, because then you know how many flyers to share in order to earn this amount of money. It remains for you to hire Doorstepdistribution to share these flyers as soon as period of time.

With us you are sure that your advertising material be distributed to the place that you choose because we work in organizing a special emphasis placed on control of distribution which is why we hired more controllers.

Upon completion of the division of leaflets and promotional material customer receives a detailed report:
• Marking map display advertising material included in the division
• A list of all the streets covered by the division divided by the number of flyers on every street on his request that the client can get a daily report to your e-mail crossed the streets during the day and the number divided flyers, leaflets or advertising material on each street.