Shared leaflet distribution

Shared leaflet distribution means that you still flyer comes with 3 different flyers that do not belong to competing firms. This form of marketing is not as efficient as Solus Leaflet Distribution, but cheaper and very good test market.

Shared leaflet distribution is the most popular and most economical way to reach Your message to a potential user of your goods or services. Flyers are delivered to the local free newspaper copies, which are mainly delivered three times a week, and will and therefore you marketing to be very precise and continuous will arrive to the user.

This is a good way to advertise when you want to slowly introduce your goods or services on the market and when your budget for marketing is limited so you need the most economical forms of advertising. Of course you can be aware of the appearance of your flyer, to be as effective and that its design and message reach the maximum effect of promotions.

The design, colors, text input and the size of the leaflet will affect the relationship distrbucije flyers and sales coming from that ways of marketing (promotion). Various leaflets will certainly have different relationships.Some will call on more customers, while others will be less successful, you can read about that on a separate page of our website that deals with the councils. (Tips for maximum effect as a means of promotion flyers ). Determine the ratio of distribution of leaflets and the effect on sales. It is essential to determine the average relationship. When you determine the relationship between the number of divided leaflets and purchase that comes in this way, you will have in hand a safe method by which you can increase your revenue (sales).